WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG is 100% committed to state-of-the-art load carrier management (pooling & hire). WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG offers standardised reusable transport packaging across Europe. Whether Euro H1 hygiene pallets, plastic Euro crates or Big Boxes – whatever the type of goods and seasonal requirements, the relevant reusable transport packaging moves continuously through a cycle. In this way WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG enables production companies from the food and packaging industries to further optimise their logistics processes. This means that customers can request Euro crates, H1 pallets and Big Boxes for their production from WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG at any time and arrange to have them collected again anywhere in Europe. The process is subject to set conditions and enables huge cost savings in terms of logistics.


WBG-Pooling allows you to hire Euro crates, H1 pallets and Big Boxes, which means you don’t have to tie up capital in reusable transport packaging. It is also a short-term and flexible way of adapting to seasonal fluctuations and enables you to ideally plan your long-term requirements with WBG-Pooling.

How WBG-Pooling can help you:

  • Free up capital by hiring instead of buying expensive load carriers

  • Reduce administration

  • Better quality load carriers

  • Reliable processes for empties

  • Transparency in costs (monthly hire invoicing)

  • Avoid shortages of load carriers at peak periods

  • No difference in quality

  • We can take care of entire empties processing on request

  • Reduction in empties transport

  • Reduce CO² emissions