Innovative IT solutions are a key factor to success in the fast-paced, modern world of logistics. Only those who can offer flexibility and respond round the clock will be able to keep up with future demands. WBG-Pooling is up to the challenge. Besides IT concepts by developers, we create individual software systems and implement them live.


Suppliers transport their products/goods to the central food retailing warehouse in Euro meat crates. On delivery the reusable transport packaging (RTP) such as Euro crates, H1 pallets etc. is not exchanged, but rather is digitally recorded in the incoming goods department by the WBG-Pooling receipt system.

The quantities recorded by WBG-Pooling’s online platform are immediately entered into the system. This means that suppliers can access their RTP quantities via WBG-Pooling’s network straight away.

Advantages for trade

  • Distribution centres in trade can help make empties management more efficient

  • No need for trade credits (vouchers)

  • Collection depends on the trade and is bundled by WBG-Pooling

  • Interim use by trade possible, e.g. picking, freezing goods etc.

  • Guaranteed supply during seasonal demand peaks without need to purchase

  • One contact person for the entire load carrier cycle makes processing much simpler and minimises sources of error

Advantages for suppliers

  • By submitting the WBG-Pooling receipt, stock at WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG can be reduced immediately

  • Better vehicle planning possible as no remaining empties on board

  • No need to take back Euro crates, H1 pallets or Big Boxes (hygiene regulations) / goods with additional empties

  • No longer necessary to collect empties credits (vouchers) for full load

  • Faster return of reusable transport packaging thanks to WBG-Pooling receipts

  • Immediate stock reduction following submission of WBG-Pooling receipts

  • Suppliers can collect empties from WBG-Pooling storage sites at any time

  • Suppliers can request delivery of empties by WBG-Pooling