WBG-Pooling offers the certified cleaning and disinfection (in accordance with HACCP) of dirty Euro crates, H1 pallets and Big Boxes. Crates used in the food industry also meet the strict requirements of German food hygiene regulations and the German food transport crates ordinance (IFS Logistics). Certified cleaning and disinfection is part of the WBG-Pooling network. WBG-Pooling delivers the cleaned and disinfected load carriers from its Europe-wide hygiene facilities to the customers’ production facilities. Plastic Euro crates, H1 pallets Big Boxes and special load carriers are automatically cleaned and disinfected at the hygiene facilities.

Our mission – superior quality

  • Cleaning using chemical cleaning agents (free from quaternary ammonium compounds) and drinking water as per German drinking water regulations

  • Disinfection using 90˚C hot steam or a disinfecting agent tested according to EU standard IHO

  • Daily quality controls through in-house contact plate samples

  • Cleaned & disinfected refrigerated vehicles, lead-sealing of cargo space, cargo trailer temperature no higher than 6˚C